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          Globe with pinpoints

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          Put the most trusted, independent location data and technology platform to work for your business.
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          The latest from Foursquare
          Foursquare and Factual join forces
          breaking news imageBreaking News
          Factual Joins Foursquare to Create Clear Location Market Leader
          Bringing together the best in audiences, attribution, developer tools and point-of-interest data for panies around the globe
          COVID-19 Chart
          Foursquare Intersections
          Latest COVID-19 Analysis
          How COVID-19 Is Influencing Real World Behaviors
          Recovery Index Image
          Foursquare Intersections
          The Road to Recovery
          The Foursquare Recovery Index shows the places consumers go to first as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted across the country
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          If it tells you where, it's probably built on Foursquare.
          Trusted by over 150,000 partners and developers worldwide.
          Uber enables users to search and find destinations without typing a full address.
          Apple Maps uses Foursquare data in dozens of countries to enhance business listings.
          Foursquare helps prove the value of Spotify’s advertising to their clients.
          Foursquare helped Subway understand the impact of physical coupons on driving in-store visits.
          TouchTunes drives usage with ping notifications when they’re in a venue with a digital jukebox.
          Location-based geofilters and Context Cards are powered by Foursquare data.
          Mastercard drove the usage of Samsung Pay and visits to its participating merchants.
          Twitter partners with Foursquare to add locations to tweets for more social context.
          Foursquare developed an interactive mobile experience for Coca-Cola Freestyle.
          JetBlue promoted loyalty programs to travel enthusiasts during the holiday season.
          Foursquare built a measurement solution to drive and quantify visits to new Target stores.
          WeChat added location sharing for easier meet-ups and more interesting conversations.
          Explore Foursquare’s products for...
          Convert your marketing into real-world visits.
          Turn your marketing spend into foot traffic with data-driven media planning, activation, and measurement built on the industry's leading location technology platform.
          foursquare Pinpoint / Audiences
          Pinpoint / Audiences
          Find and target new audiences with relevant advertising based on foot traffic trends through our managed- or self-service offerings.
          foursquare Placed powered by Foursquare
          Placed powered by Foursquare
          Isolate the impact of advertising on driving incremental visits to your business, atop the industry’s largest always-on panel.
          Give your users a true sense of place.
          Power magical user experiences with Foursquare’s industry-leading suite of location-aware developer tools.
          foursquare Places API
          Places API
          Take users here, there and everywhere by enabling location discovery, destination sharing and more in your app or website.
          foursquare Pilgrim SDK
          Pilgrim SDK
          Start leveraging our SDK for the most advanced real-time location detection to understand, engage and retain your users.
          For people who go places.
          We believe the world is full of amazing experiences. We made two apps to help guide you to them.
          foursquare Swarm
          Remember the places you go. Look back on the places you’ve been. Save the places you’ve yet to try. With Swarm, you can Remember Everywhere.
          foursquare City Guide
          City Guide
          Want to know where to go next? City Guide has the most trusted, crowdsourced remendations for the best things to eat, see, and do near you.

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